Discover your potential in one Growth Workshop

Are you looking to sharpen your positioning / messaging? Align on your marketing strategy and uncover high-potential marketing initiatives in record time? In the Growth Workshop we bring together the most important stakeholders and tackle big things, fast.

What we do together

The workshop consists of two parts

01 Positioning and Value Proposition

The workshop is divided in two parts. The first part covers the basics. This is to align on some of your most important questions. What you will cover here is:

  • What is your core offering
  • Persona’s & their reasons for buying
  • What is your value proposition

Getting clear on these topics will allow you to have sharper messaging and targeting, ultimately leading to better acquisition costs on new customers.

02 Growth funnel brainstorm

In the second part we will brainstorm growth experiments that you can execute. This will be done through looking at your funnel stages (awareness – consideration – action) and to see where there’s opportunities to optimize or issues to solve. Expect a bunch of creative idea’s & new insights!

Then we consolidate the information to deliver the following output

What you get

01 PDF summary of workshop

This contains:

  • Core offering & value proposition
  • Persona’s & reasons for buying / messaging

02 Ranked list of Growth Experiments

We will list all experiment idea’s and add some more of our own to the list. These will then be ranked based on how much effort they would take to execute and how impact we estimate they will have. This will generate a final score based on which we can identify the quick wins.

03 Fleshed out briefing for the top 5 experiments

We will generate an experiment sheet for the top 5 initiatives. This includes detailed description and visualisation of the experiment in question.

Basically, you and your stakeholders will be fully aligned on your positioning, your personas and your messaging. Next to that you'll have concrete marketing actions you can start working on. The output generated is a perfect starting point for your marketing team or to hire an agency.

Are you ready for Growth? Let's get started!

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Frequently asked questions

  • How long does the workshop take?

    — The workshop generally takes about 2 hours

  • How can you do so much in such a short time?

    —  Our team prepares before the workshop and already generates answers to the questions and exercises. During the workshop we will validate our input and add to it. But we won’t have to start from scratch.

  • Is the workshop digital or on location?

    — The workshop is especially tailored to a digital format. However, if requested we can also organise the workshop on-site. 

  • Is the workshop recorded?

    —  Yes the workshop is recorded (if digital) and recordings are shared after the workshop.

  • Can I get more info on the workshop?

    —  We are happy to share more details on the exercises in the intake meeting.

  • Is this workshop relevant for all companies?
    (B2B, B2C, DTC, ...)

    —  It is relevant for a lot of businesses, but not all. Please contact us and book an intake meeting to validate if your business could benefit from a growth workshop.