Pandapage documentation


Panda Page Changelog

Beta Version 0.5

Adjusted Wordpress Control Panel
  • Replaced the default dashboard with ‘Ultimate Dashboard’
  • Removed easy acces to Wordpress Control panel Settings
  • Added easter egg to make the Wordpress Control panel visible again
  • Added more functionality to the Pages tab with the use of ‘Folders’
  • Adjusted actions which can be executed on the Pages tab
    • Removed edit
    • Removed quick edit
    • Removed edit with Bricks
    • Removed author
    • Removed comments
    • Added custom button to edit page with Bricks
    • Added folder view
New items added to Bricks
  • Templates
    • Section Templates
      • FM – Offer
      • FM – Banner Regio Fietsroutes
      • FM – Fietsroute
      • FM – Link Section
      • FM – Footer
      • FM – Banner
    • Single Page Templates
      • Video landingspagina
      • Product landingspagina
      • Product landingspagina 2
      • Default thank you landingspagina
      • Default thank you landingspagina 2
      • Vacature detailpagina
      • Vacature detailpagina 2
      • Download landingspagina
      • Vacature overview landingspagina
      • Vacature overview landingspagina 2
      • Software product landingspagina
      • Inschrijving landingspagina
      • Info landingspagina
      • Info landingspagina 2
  • Custom Widgets
    • Landingspagina settings
    • Custom Popup
New themes added
  • Bricks
  • Bricks Child Theme
New plugins added
  • Added WP File Manager
  • Added Ultimate Dashboard
  • Added Safe SVG
  • Added Multiple Domain Mapping on single site
  • Added Folders
  • Added Conditional Display Add-On For Bricks Theme
  • Added Duplicate Page
  • Added All-in-One WP Migration
New Projects added
  • Added Fietsen Mintjens
  • Added Pluginvest
  • Added Panda Page

Version 0.5.1

Adjusted Wordpress Control Panel
  • Adjusted WordPress Control Panel
  • The use of ‘Ultimate Dashboard’ became obsolete due to the creation of a dashboard through Bricks
  • Quick actions on the Pages tab have been visiually optimized
  • Added status functionality to the Pages tab
Old plugins removed
  • Removed Safe SVG
  • Removed Hello Dolly
  • Removed Aksimet Anti-spam
New Projects added
  • Added Britt Van Namen
  • Added Purple Panda
New Core Pages added
  • Changelog
  • How to add a domain
  • How to add tracking, pixel and cookiebanner

Version 0.6

Adjusted Wordpress Control Panel
  • Login redirect changed to core pages overview instead of the custom dashboard
  • Core pages overview now has user permission functionalities
  • Folders now have user permission functionalities
  • Added custom user icons
  • Media library moved to remote Amazon Web Services
New core pages added
  • Documentation
Added the following support pages to documentation
  • Working with templates
  • Working with the builder
  • Tracking & Privacy
  • Domain linking
  • Changelog
  • Roadmap
  • In need of a feature?
New plugins added
  • User Profile Picture
  • WP Offload Media Lite
Plugins updated
  • Folders has been updated to version 2.8.7
  • All-in-One WP Migration has been updated to version 7.67
Old plugins removed
  • Ultimate dashboard

Version 0.6.1

Added and updated functionalities on page overview
  • Duplicate page is fully functional
  • You can now edit the title by clicking on the title of the page
Domains have been updated
  • Domains now support UTM parameters
Old plugins removed
  • Folders

Version 0.7 (Latest Release)

New header profile functionality
  • Profile dropdown has been updated
  • Profile dropdown now shows the following options
    • License type
    • Profile 
    • Log Out
New license functionality added
  • The following license types have been added
    • Basic
    • Unlimited
    • Custom